Children’s Ministry Director Description: (Part Time Position)

Our vision is “Home”.  More than anything else we are inviting children to come home to Jesus for life. We find home in the dwelling presence of God; our heart is that all we do flows from this presence. We have a revival emphasis and we want our entire church, including children, to learn to connect with and flow with our Holy Spirit

Qualifications of successful applicant:

·       Loves our Lord.

·       Has passion for children.

·       Leadership and organizational gift mix. 

·       Will consider Oxford your home church for an extended period of time.

·       Enjoys researching and discovering good usable resource material.

·       Enjoys people.

·       A growing believer desiring to see others grow.

·       Able to build and support a team of volunteers.

·       Able to follow as well as lead.

·       Self-learner as well as open to ongoing training through conferences etc.

You will be the point person for our children’s ministry. We will help recruit volunteers but you must develop and support your team. This includes listening to and valuing your team.  The process will begin with you getting a sense of who we are as a church and building your team along those lines.  We will support with ongoing communication as the process unfolds.

 Job Details:

·       Develop and oversee program from toddlers through age 12. This includes a beginning Jr. Youth Program. 

·       Find suitable curriculum.

·       Build a team of children’s ministry volunteers – recruiting, training, coordinating and supporting them in ministering to the children.

·       Be responsible for children’s ministry supplies and materials.

·       Attend staff and ministry team meetings for communication, support, and prayer; staff meets once a month currently.

·       Seek to maintain and increase connection with our daycare.

Accountability to the church is through Pastor Cliff. There will be a 3 month probation period for this position.


$1000 per month for 15 hours a week

 Application Process:

·       Please email resume to

·       Include a cover letter with a bit about yourself and your desires in applying for this position.