1 a: to save b: to heal c: to deliver
2: to save a suffering one, to make well, heal, to deliver.
The Sozo ministry is unique in that the main goal is to deal with the roots of hindrances to your personal connection to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, enabling you to walk in the fullness of your God-given destiny.

  • Sozo is an inner-healing/deliverance ministry

  • Sozo is simple, fast, Spirit-led and effective

  • Sozo finds issues in minutes instead of years

  • Sozo is a form of prayer ministry.


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For more information on Sozo, visit the Canada Sozo website.

A “Sozo” is not counselling but a Spirit directed session where lies we have believed are identified and replaced by the truth. The term Sozo comes from the New Testament Greek word meaning “saved, healed and delivered”. The goal is freedom and intimate connection with the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. The Sozo is led by a team of two or three workers. Sessions are typically around one hour and are confidential. Volunteers undergo some training, but are not professional counsellors.