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Plan programs that recognize that the child develops as a whole person. 


Provide childcare that caters to all aspects of child development: social, physical, emotional, cognitive, creative and spiritual.


WE VALUE care, compassion, forgiveness and accountability.
WE TEACH respect for others, for ourselves and for all we meet.
WE CONTRIBUTE to our community in meaningful ways.

Our Foundation

Children grow best when surrounded by love and firm boundaries. This is the foundation of Treehouse. We desire to be a “home away from home” for your children; a safe place, a fun place, a place where they are respected and cherished. It’s in this groundwork that kids are free to discover their own interests and talents.

Once a solid foundation is laid, we provide the “fertile soil” in which children can flourish. This is an environment of caring for others, compassion and contribution. We wish to create a great place for kids to grow!

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  • We are a licensed before and after school centre

  • We are located at the corner of Russell Ave and Oxford Street (148th St)

  • We are affiliated with The Church on Oxford Hill, a non-profit organization