Our Life Groups meet on different evenings throughout the week, usually in people's homes. They are a smaller, more intimate groups than our Sunday celebrations. These are the places where we walk out our vision of "Home".  If you chat with someone in a Life Group, you will find that person highly values their connection and growth through their group. We encourage everyone to be a part of a Life Group - it is a place where our main discipleship happens and God has worked amazing blessings through this ministry. 

Our groups do not meet during the summer but they will begin again come fall.

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Cliff & Vania Jewell
South Surrey
7PM - 9PM
Contact Cliff for more details


Kym Penrose & Denis & Sandee Brossard
6:30PM - 9PM
Contact Kym for more details


Allan & Beverly Moffatt                                                                                South Surrey
7PM - 9PM - every other Wednesday
Contact Allan or Beverly for more details.


Wayne & Tannis Morris co-hosted with Bruce & Nancy Fryer
South Surrey
7PM - 9PM
Contact Wayne for more details.


Stephen & Gretchen Teerling co-hosted with Josh & Abi Olson
6:30PM - 9PM
Contact Stephen for more details.

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